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Neurological condition incites rage over certain sounds

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PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Everyone gets irritated by annoying sounds; like nails on a chalkboard or a dog barking, but for people with misophonia everyday sounds that most people just ignore or don't notice at all fill them with hate and rage.

It's a neurological condition that was only recently given a name, but it's been an issue for millions of people suffering from with no help.

A teenage boy who is desperate to find help, he just may have one of the worst cases of misophonia ever seen. At the request of his family, we are not showing his face but you will see the struggle he's dealing with.

Its hard enough being a teenager; it's even harder when you have a severe case of misophonia.

"As far as I can remember, I've never had a day without doing that," said the teen.

For this 16 year old, it is reality. "A lot of people tend to ask why I'm doing that, but there are some people that just think this guy is weird, I wanna get away from him," he said.

It's not the impression he wants to leave, but he has no choice. Misophonia is a hatred for sounds, words or noises that fill a person with rage and this teen turns that rage into violence against himself.

His own spit even grosses him out. "Don't mind this, it's just something that my nose produces, don't say the word I'm sure you'll figure it out. What it is my nose and mouth produces it, its kind of like accumulating, I have too much of the stuff in my mouth," he said.

He's talking about saliva, spit.

"Like the one you just made You probably don't even know you made it. You made a sound and that one gets me,"

What you and I may consider benign sounds cause a complete panic inside a person with misophonia, they hear nothing else And there's no effective treatment
"We've been to doctors, neurologists, psychiatrists, turrets specialists, I mean you name it, and we've been there," said his mother.
His mom first noticed the problem when her son was only four years-old.
"His explanation is that the word or the sound causes an electric shock feeling in his head, and that just pounds in his head until he knocks it out," said his mom.
It's gotten worse, "after I do that my head starts to hurt, for obvious reasons, I mean I'm hitting my head," he said.
"Saliva, mucous, if somebody spits in front of him," said his mother.
When he sees a water bottle, he thinks of spit on the bottle.
"But they're so common! It's a common sound, we live in Arizona, who doesn't have a water bottle?" said his mom.
He specifically thinks of the spit on the bottle.
Because he presses on his eye during his reactions, he's now blind in his left eye.
"We took him to the doctor about a year and a half ago, and it's to the point where yeah, he cannot even see out of that eye," said his mother.
He worries about his future and has many questions.
"How could I get a relationship like this? Would that even be possible? Would they want to be with me or would they immediately think you're completely weird and go find someone normal? Wouldn't someone prefer to be with someone that's normal? But when I start getting depressed and thinking that I tend to push it aside and focus on something else," he said.
He's had to switch schools and struggled to find friends.
"There was a period of time where he did not want to leave his room, he did not want to leave his bed, he would cry because nobody understands you know? And he was not normal, so I just don't want him to feel like that anymore," she said.
Doctors have tried to fit his ears with devices that play constant white noise.
"The best way is to reduce the intensity of the sound that's bothering them, that huge reaction by using some type of a sound therapy device," said Dr. Robb.
Instead of seeing a bright future ahead at 16, he is losing hope that he will be able to live out his dreams.
"I'll probably get a job where I do not have to be around too many people too often, but make sure I'm not always by myself because that would be lonely," he said.
Dr. Robb has fit the teen with the white noise ear devices, but so far, they are not helping much.

Obviously the case here is very severe, but there are millions of Americans with who live with misophonia without anyone knowing it.
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