Reclaiming History: Research leads to one inescapable conclusion

Reclaiming History: Research leads to one inescapable conclusion about Kennedy assassination

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Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone or did he have help in assassinating President Kennedy?

Vincent Bugliosi is a lifelong prosecutor.  Best known for putting Charles Manson in prison and his subsequent novel about the case, "Helter Skelter."

Bugliosi spent over 20 years researching facts and physical evidence in the Kennedy case.  The result: a 1,600 page book on the Kennedy assassination called Reclaiming History.  The L.A. Times calls it a book for the ages and Bugliosi told me his research led to one inescapable conclusion.

"There's no question in my mind not beyond a reasonable doubt but all doubt John that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy."

Bugliosi points to 53 pieces of evidence that directly link Oswald to the killing.

"You can't have 53 pieces of evidence against you and still be innocent.. maybe one, two, three or four, but not 53."

Here are just a few: Oswald owned the murder weapon, found on the 6th floor of the Texas school book depository where he worked and from where the shots were fired.  His prints were on the rifle.  Three spent shell casings from that gun were found on the 6th floor.  Bullets and fragments found in Governor Connelly and the President were fired from Oswald's rifle.

Oswald was the only employee of the building who went missing after the assassination.  Oswald killed a Dallas police officer who stopped to question him and he tried to shoot the officers who eventually arrested him.

"When oswald was interrogated by the Dallas police dept for 12 hours over a three day period, he told one lie -- one provable lie after another -- all of which of course show an unmistakable consciousness of guilt," said Bugliosi.

Not only is Bugliosi convinced Oswald was the only shooter, he says Oswald was not part of any conspiracy.

"In the last 50 years at one time or another, one or more conspiracy theorists have accused 42 groups, 82 assassins and 214 people as being involved in the assassination."

Yet half a century later, most Americans don't believe Oswald acted alone and many believe the President was shot from the grassy knoll.

"Well you can say that, but there's no evidence to support that.. entrance wounds to the right side of the President's body there weren't," said Bugliosi.

The other nagging question is why did Jack Ruby kill Oswald?  Was it to silence Oswald and put a lid on a wider conspiracy?

"There's no evidence whatsoever that Oswald killed Kennedy for organized crime. Furthermore, Ruby silences Oswald for the mob who is supposed to silence Jack Ruby.  Jack Ruby lived for another three years."

Bugliosi says over the years, hundreds of conspiracy theories have trumped hard core facts.

"This is a very simple at its core. However there's a second reality here because of the unceasing and fanatical obsession of thousands upon thousands of Warren Commission critics and conspiracy theorists," he said.  "It's now the most complex murder case by far in world history. Nothing even remotely comes close."

You've heard what Vincent Bugliosi thinks.  What do you say?  And the Kennedy assassination still elicits such strong reaction.

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