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Vampires of Austin

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There is a community of vampires here in Austin. They don't just dress the part. They live it.

But a vampire, they say, is not what you may think.

When the moon shines an eerie glow over Austin, vampires rise. On this night--vampires from across the nation have come to town for the Bad Moon Masquerade Ball.

The organizers are Logan South and Daley Catherine. They are the king and queen of the Vampire Court of Austin. That's right. They're vampires.

"A vampire can be anybody. They can be your neighbor. It can be the guy at the grocery store," said Daley.

Daley works at a South Austin veterinary clinic.

Logan owns a company called Nocturnity and is also a fangsmith. Their looks are in line with what we've all grown to know as vampires.

Fangs are a favorite accessory.

"For me the fangs are like some nice shoes you would buy or a nice piece a jewelry that means a lot to you it helps represent how I feel inside," said Daley.

That feeling Daley describes first struck her at 15--well before shows like HBO's True Blood and the CW's Vampire Diaries became popular. She calls it her vampiric awakening. Logan says he got his around the same time.

"I use the term vampire because I believe it is the closest explanation for what and who I am," said Logan.

Logan says there many types of vampires--starting with the blood drinker.

"There are those that believe they need to do that to sustain themselves," said Logan.

While Hollywood has embraced it, Logan says drinking blood is taboo in their vampire community.

"It can be extremely unsafe. It's not something that I actively promote," said Logan.

Logan and Daley most associate with the energy vampire.

"Someone who draws energy from another person or ambient energy from a crowd, the city an event," Logan explained. "Who pulls that energy in and more importantly needs that energy to maintain their health."

"At work I have a girl who I feed from regularly. I'll go up to her place my hand on the middle of her back. I will start to create that friction and it will move easily through."

There are many misconceptions.

"We definitely don't burst into flames in the sunlight," said Daley. "We do get sun sickness if we're out in the sun for too long. So we try to avoid it. We don't have any issues with garlic or crucifixes."

"I'm not sleeping in a coffin right now. My coffin's actually being upholstered," joked Logan.

They say they are nothing like the characters in the movie Twilight.

"We do get a lot of people, where we're walking down the street they say, 'hey, look Twilight,'" said Daley.

"They don't have fangs, they sparkle in the sun, they drive affordable cars," said Logan.

You just might run into a vampire. There are 45 who belong to the Vampire Court of Austin.

We attended one of their meetings. The vampires range in age from 20-50. And the group is growing. Four new members introduced themselves while we were there.

"When I found out about vampire court I was ecstatic. My whole life I've been keeping this side of me to myself," a new member said.

They accept each other and hope to gain your acceptance as well.

"The most important thing is we're just like you," said Daley. "We're Austinites and we're here to make Austin better."

And they're recruiting.

"We want other vampires in the city to know they have somewhere to go. A safe haven," Daley said. "We're here for them and we're here if they need someone to talk to, someone to mentor them."

"Come out, come out, wherever you are," said Logan.

But only come out at night.

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