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Woman injured after she says cyclist knocked her down on sidewalk

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Kimberlie Dykeman has a hurt wrist and an ambulance bill to pay.

She was walking along Lamar Monday morning with a friend when she says a cyclist seemingly came out of nowhere.

"He hit me so hard from behind. He was on the sidewalk like we were...and slammed into me and I went flying. I know he fell off his bike, I saw his bike in the road and luckily there were no cars coming at that time so nothing happened to him which is great, I mean something devastating could have happened," Dykeman said.

Dykeman says the young man didn't even apologize...but yelled at her instead.

"He claims it was my fault, I got in his way. He shouldn't be responsible. And I'm just...I mean I'm lying on the ground crying," she said.

The young man was late for work according to Dykeman. She says he claimed that he shouted "On your left" before he got to them.

But she says if he did, she didn't hear it.

Austin Police tell FOX 7 no one was cited in the incident.

"Both parties had the right of way to be on the sidewalk because that is...was not a restricted area for bicyclists to be on the sidewalk. There are certain areas and they are listed clearly on the city ordinance where bicyclists are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk. And this was not one of them," said Sgt. David Daniels with Austin Police.

Preston Tyree has been a cyclist for 65 years.

He's the former education director for the League of American Bicyclists.

We asked him what a cyclist should have done in this situation.

"Typically when we say that: 'On your left!' they move left. Because all they hear, they don't hear the 'on your,' they hear 'left,'" Tyree said.

So in addition to yelling out the warning, Tyree rings a bell too.

He says cyclists are supposed to slow down as well.

"He should have backed off, he should have made sure he had their attention. Because if he had gotten their attention, they would have singled up probably and given him room to come by because that's what most people do," Tyree said.

Tyree says many riders, himself included, choose to ride in the street instead of the sidewalk because of hairy situations like this one.

But for riders not used to heavy traffic, he says the sidewalk is the right place for them.

"We do so many things for cyclists out here and I get it. And I'm groovy with that. I've cycled I don't know how many years as well. But when it comes to the point where that bike becomes a vehicle on a sidewalk and somebody gets hurt and they can't carry on their own life normally, there needs to be attention put on that," Dykeman said.

We did try to reach out to the cyclist today. As of news time, he hasn't returned our call.

In the meantime, Kimberly Dykeman has written Chief Acevedo hoping to raise some awareness about this sort of thing.

And if you're confused about where cyclists can legally share the sidewalk with you, city ordinance has a list of sidewalks where cyclists are not allowed.

You can visit http://www.amlegal.com/austin_tx/ for all bicycle ordinances. Here is the portion related to sidewalks:


(A) Except as provided in Subsection (B), a person may ride a bicycle on a sidewalk.

(B) A person may not ride a bicycle on a sidewalk on the following streets:

(1) 100 to 1100 blocks of Congress Avenue;

(2) 1900 to 2500 blocks of Guadalupe Street;

(3) 100 to 1100 blocks of Brazos Street;

(4) 200 to 1100 blocks of Colorado Street;

(5) from the 200 block of Second Street (West) to the 300 block of Second Street (East);

(6) from the 900 block of Fifth Street (West) to the 800 block of Fifth Street (East);

(7) from the 700 block of Sixth Street (East) to the 1000 block of Sixth Street (West);

(8) from the 100 block of Eighth Street (West) to the 200 block of Eighth Street (East);

(9) from the 100 block of Ninth Street (West) to the 200 block of Ninth Street (East);

(10) from the 200 block of 11th Street (West) to the 200 block of 11th Street (East); and

(11) from the 200 block of 15th Street (West) to the 200 block of 15th Street (East).

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