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FOX 11 30-Minute Special: “After Christopher Dorner - The Allegations”

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Los Angeles, CA -

Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner's murderous rampage was put to an end in a shootout last month but his accusations against the LAPD are still reverberating. Nothing can excuse the murders of innocent people. But dozens of current and former Police Officers have called or emailed FOX 11 Legal Analyst Robin Sax and Reporter Phil Shuman. Those officers say the allegations Dorner posted in his online "manifesto" about the LAPD - allegations of racism, and a code of silence that protects bad cops - mirror their experiences.


Robin Sax and Phil Shuman talk to several current and former officers who say they were treated unfairly by the LAPD. Some of them talk about the code of silence that protects bad cops. Others tell their stories of racism in the department.


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So what is the LAPD doing to address some of the issues raised by officers critical of the department? We'll hear from Chief Charlie Beck about the controversy over whether their Board of Rights Hearings are fair. He also tells us about a new program to get feedback from LAPD employees.


Black officers not only deal with the alleged "code of silence" in the LAPD. They say they also have to deal with what some say is institutional racism that also affects the community they police. Black officers recently had a meeting to discuss their concerns.


The LAPD is reacting to a wave of criticism from past and present officers, as reported by Fox 11 Legal Analyst Robin Sax and Reporter Phil Shuman. They've even gone so far as to publish the Board of Rights Hearing Manual on the front page of their website - so officers, and the public, can read it.

More From FOX 11's Phil Shuman

"Debasing and humiliating environment."

"If they want to get you they'll get you."

"You can't fight the machine."

Those are just some of the phrases from cops within the LAPD who are complaining about the way the department treats its own.

For a month now, FOX 11 Legal Analyst Robin Sax and I have been doing interviews with cops who've come forward to say, ‘You know what? We hate what Chris Dorner did, but the things he said … they're true."

Now, the department, to its credit, has agreed to review the Dorner firing. The problem with that, as we've reported, is who is doing it.

He's Gerald Chaleff, who's respected as a tough and independent guy, but his title is Special Assistant to the Chief so if he comes back without a report that says the Dorner firing was handled fairly, some will say, "What did you expect?" If he comes back with a report that says Dorner was wrongly terminated, they'll likely to say, "You've turned this homicidal maniac into a hero."

It's a no win situation.  

Sources tell me that perhaps Police Chief Charlie Beck should have thought this through before he announced his review; that he is trying to to the right thing, but it may not be perceived that way.

Also this week we've learned that Beck also has plans to do a broader, department-wide review of the way they operate when it comes to the discipline system using this sophisticated online surveying process called "Ten Thousand Volts." It's supposed to elicit feedback, anonymously, and the department's been using it for the past couple years in other areas, so eventually we'll get a report on that.

Meantime, Robin Sax and I had another in-depth look at the LAPD post Dorner on Friday night at 10:30, including some new interviews, and we'll here a lot from the chief. We invited them to be part of our half-hour special and they politely declined, as they feel due to state court rulings regarding the privacy of officers' personnel records, there's not much they can really say.   

As always, please send me your stories via email. And keep in mind, as we do these reports, it's about the standards by which the LAPD handles internal discipline (allegations or racism, favoritism) it's not questioning the dedication and bravery of the almost 10,000 men and women in blue who put their lives on the line for us every day.

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